Saturday, March 31, 2012

Keep on dreaming

Whenever I hit a dry spell dating (yep, happens from time to time), there is that one guy who I dream about over and over again. It's been years. He is still there, on my mind, in my heart.
We don't see each other much. He is far away. I am far away. Facebook does not count; not for meaningful communication anyway.
Those blue eyes, his masculinity, strong, tall. He is grounded, serious, playful at times. Tall, broad, so handsome. Makes me feel safe and protected. His voice gets excited when I call.
No idea how he feels about me, but I get happy every time I am about to see him.
He is a lot younger than me, yet as the years go by, and we are both still 'available', that age gap becomes less and less relevant.
Thinking about him today, tonight.
I want to say something, but I am scared.
What if he says no? That he's not interested? There goes my fantasy, my fall-back guy.
And then what?
So is it better to keep on dreaming?
For how long must I dream?

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