Thursday, March 22, 2012

10 Lessons my little sister taught me

My little sister is actually getting married pretty soon. I won't be there to celebrate her bridal shower with her, so I wrote this up, hoping her best friend will present it to her...



1. Dedicate yourself to people you love.

R. is an amazing friend, and she is an amazing sister. She dedicates herself to the people she loves by going out of her way to make those people happy. R. has taught me that it is important to treat the people you love kindly, and not to worry about putting on a show or bragging. The people you love are the most important people in your life. And the people who love you will love you no matter what.

2. Take your time to find your path.

So… in case you didn’t realize, R. and I are very different, but we’re also quite similar in many ways. R.’s more laid back than I am in many respects, and I admire that about her. She has taught me that it takes time to figure out your path in life! No need to make yourself crazy overachieving and pushing yourself too much because you know what? It will all work out.

3. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

For such a young woman, R has overcome a lot of challenges in her life. I think many of these challenges have shaped her into the wonderful, caring, intuitive person she is today. I have learned that even when life gets challenging, you have to look for the good, and keep going. She also knows how to laugh – even at some tough things. That is SO important because a) she has a great laugh and b) it’s so much better to LAUGH than to CRY!

4. When you leave the house in the morning, be sure to look g-o-o-d.

R always looks G-O-O-D. I really don’t know where she gets her sense of style from… ST? E.? M.? It isn’t really trait that we share in the family, but man, do I appreciate the times she’s saved me from walking out looking like a shlump. Thanks for teaching me some fashion & makeup skills!

5. Wait. You made that?!

So…. Cooking isn’t really our forte in our family (in case you didn’t know). Thank G-d R. has changed that and has taught me that even home-prepared foods can be delectable and healthy! We might just starve now that you’re not going to be at Mom’s house anymore, but I think the whole neighborhood will celebrate your visits from now on!

6. Kids with special needs deserve (and give) lots of love.

I was never really involved with children with special needs. But R.’s passion for working with these kids is really admirable and inspiring. Her enthusiasm for kids with special needs has changed the way I see them. I look forward to the day that R. is running her own facility for kids with special needs because they deserve someone as dedicated and caring as R. is with them.

7. When communication fails to work with Israeli Morrocan women, stay FAR AWAY.

[to be read in a high pitched voice]: “R! Get back in there!” All I’ll say is that our repulsion from Israeli Moroccan women proves, more than anything, that we are sisters. Us girls + Moroccan Israelis DO NOT MIX! STAY AWAYYYY

8. Do good deeds for people…even strangers.

I remained in wonderment how much good R. does for people…even people she doesn’t really know. One time, a close friend of mine in Israel was really feeling sick. She needed help cooking and cleaning before Shabbos, and no one was able to help her because they were all busy with their own homes. Rachel went over there Erev Shabbos, and sorted everything out for her. I was in shock that she agreed to do such a tedious, time-consuming task. But she did it happily (or so I thought!) I am in awe of you R.

9. Life ain’t always easy, but it all works out.

I think above all, R. has taught me to keep a positive perspective. Even when she was really young, I was stunned how intuitive she was, how perceptive she was of our family members, of her teachers, her classmates, etc. She does the BEST impressions, by the way! Things that took me AGES to deal with, she managed to deal with, process , overcome & move on. ..without going nuts about it! That is a priceless lesson to learn!

10. If you want to look good, get your butt to the G-Y-M.

R., I know I’m becoming an old lady, but thanks to your encouragement and motivation, I FEEL GREAT! Thanks for getting my butt (which is shaping up nicely, by the way!) to the gym!

See, these are all really priceless lessons that no one else in my life, except for my little sister, R has taught me. I am so grateful to have you as my sister, and I hope, even though you’ll be a married woman soon, we will still grow closer together.

I love you, I love your fiance, I love you together. You guys make each other shine, and I hope you stay that way forever!


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